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What Happens At The Zoo 

(This is for Summer and that Anon with the Daddy kink addiction. Enjoy.)

In which a trip to the zoo leads to so much more for Louis and his eleven year old son Harry.

"You know what I love, Daddy?"



"What?" Louis laughed and looked over at his kid, his boy, Harry. They were sitting on the couch in their home, having lunch. It was Harry’s summer vacation, and he had something of a wandering mind whenever he had time off. Louis found it endlessly amusing.

Harry munched on his ham and cheese sandwich and nodded. "Yeah, deer. But especially reindeer. Do you think reindeer are real, Daddy?"

Louis tilted his head to the side and bit his lip. “Hmm, reindeer are definitely real.”

"Do you think they’d have them at the zoo, Daddy?" The eleven year old turned in his seat to look at his father, eyes wide and bright. Louis felt his heart melt at the sight- his son was surely a beautiful kid. He was sure that if his mother were still here, she’d think the same. 

He looks just like her.

"Well, Daddy?" Harry said, breaking into Louis’ thoughts. "Do you?"

"Well…" Louis tilted his head from side to side. "There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?"

Harry smiled wide, his dimples setting in deep. “ZOO TRIP!!!” He jumped out of his seat and ran around the room, his hands high above his head, screaming, “ZOO TRIP!!!! DADDY’S TAKING ME ON A ZOO TRIP!!!”

"Alright, little guy!" Louis grabbed Harry just as he ran by and picked him up easily, scooping him in his arms. Harry laughed out loud, high pitched and giggly as Louis laid him in his lap. He reached a hand up and tickled his boy in the belly, making Harry laugh louder and brighter. Louis’ heart flopped in his chest at the sight. He really did love his son.

Louis finally ceased his actions and tossed Harry onto the couch lightly. “Finish your lunch and we’ll plan the trip for tomorrow.” He ruffled Harry’s curls playfully.

"Okay, Daddy," Harry said, turning to his food and eating it. Louis sat back in the seat and watched him, whatever the television showed being paled in comparison to Harry’s beautiful aura. Louis could never look anywhere else when he stared at his son; he would do anything for him, and he loved him so very much.

Sometimes, he loved him more than he should.

(And during the “sometimes”, which was more like “always”, Louis would run to the bathroom and jerk himself off violently when Harry was engrosed in something; and other times he’d wake up to sticky pants and his mind full of his beautiful boy.)

Not that Louis ever did anything- no, he wasn’t that kind of father. He simply sit back and watched, watched his son live his life, unaware of the romantic love and forbidden lust that stewed in Louis’ mind.


Harry was all dressed and ready to go by 8 a.m. the next day. Louis was barely out of bed. Harry came bounding into his room, a big ball of energy that was nothing but smiles and rainbows, and Louis, despite his grogginess, couldn’t help but be smitten. Finally letting Harry drag him from the bed, Louis went to take a nice warm shower before stepping out and going to his bedroom. When he arrived, he saw Harry sitting on his bed, legs hanging off the edge, bouncy.

"Come on, Daddy, hurry up and get dressed!" Harry exclaimed. Louis raised an eyebrow.

"Why are you in here?"

"To make sure you hurry up!" Harry answered, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Now come on, Daddy! We have to go see the deer!"

Louis was fairly certain they didn’t have deer at the zoo, but simply shrugged, grabbed some clothes and turned to leave the room.

"Daddy, where are you going?" Harry looked up at his father in disbelief. As if he wasn’t being clear on the urgency of the matter at hand.

"Harry, love, I have to put on some clothes, I can’t do it if you’re in here-"

"UGH," Harry sighed and rubbed his temples. He was too young to be having headaches, Louis thought as he watched. "Daddy, please. Just get dressed in here so we can GO.” He sounded impatient, and suddenly Louis wondered when he became the child and Harry the parent.

"Fine, fine," Louis widened his eyes breifly. "Don’t have a cow."

"At this speed, we won’t even get to see any cows!” Harry was pratically jumping on the bed, his anxiety and excitement propelling him.

Louis sighed and turned away. The thought of Harry being present while he was naked (as brief as that’d be) and changing made him feel things he didn’t want to admit to. He felt like an exibitionist as he dropped his towel and tried to make a quick job of clothing himself. 

He grabbed his boxers and unfolded them. A second later Harry was at his elbow. “Here are your cock- I MEAN SOCKS!” He glanced down at Louis’ still exposed member and gasped, shoving the socks into the crook of Louis’ arm and leaving the room. “I’m going to make the sandwiches!” Harry called before bounding downstairs at the speed of light.

Louis had barely registered the last five seconds as Harry left the room. He blinked, trying to figure out Harry’s little slip-up. His cock twitched at the fresh memory of Harry’s flustered face, but he pushed the hormones aside, opting instead to dress and take Harry to the zoo. He’d have time to jerk off later.



"I think these are called antelope, love." Louis smiled as he held Harry’s dripping ice cream cone while Harry ran over to the fence and stared, wide eyed.

Harry was giggling and squealing excitedly, jumping in his place. Several other zoogoers were watching him disdainfully. Louis ignored them- Harry was just too cute like this, bouncy and happy and Harry.

"But they are part of the deer family, right?" Harry took his ice cream from Louis. Louis watched as his son licked the dessert treat absentmindedly, his eyes more focused on the animals. Harry’s little tongue flicked out at the creamy substance and sucked it into his mouth, and Louis couldn’t help but wonder what it’d be like if the cone were his cock and the ice cream his come. His cock started to harden in his kakhis.

"Daddy?" Harry looked up at him, his eyes curious. "Are they, Daddy?"

Louis knew they weren’t at all related to the deer, knew they were more along the ‘cattle’ side of nature, but he didn’t want to crush his boy’s dreams- it wasn’t his style. So he simply nodded as he lowered himself to Harry’s height. “Get this,” he whispered conspiratorially, “they are actually the deer’s cousins.”

"WHAT!" Harry nearly dropped his cone. "NO WAY!"

Louis smiled at him. “Yep. Now I think we’ve seen enough of the deer family- let’s have a look around.”

He stood up and took Harry’s small hand in his before pulling him away and on to more interesting animals.


They arrived at the monkey.

"Daddy," Harry said, his face pressed against the glass of the cage. "How do monkeys make babies?"

Louis nearly choked on his lemonade. He hadn’t had the sex talk with Harry yet, hadn’t expected to have it for the next eight months or so, and he hadn’t even prepared anything. “U-um… well.. you see…”

"Do they do it the same way we do, Daddy?"

Louis actually sputtered this time. “Harry, what do you know about that?”

Harry pulled his face from the glass (Louis swore he could hear a small suction sound as his cheeks resurfaced) and shook his head. “Nothing, really. I just heard some kids talking about it at school.”

"Oh." Louis swallowed. "Well, see, when one monkey- er- loves another monkey…" This was incredibly awkard. "The two monkeys usually get together- and, erm- th-they… uh…"

"Do you think a boy monkey likes another boy monkey?"

"Um, well…" Louis took a sip of lemonade, "I don’t know, Harry. I suppose it’s possible."

"Do you think it’s okay?" Harry’s voice was small. "For a boy monkey to like another boy monkey? One that wasn’t his age?"

"I don’t think it’s so bad, no."

"Okay." Harry closed his mouth and pressed his face back to the glass, ignoring the world around him. Louis frowned. It wasn’t that he thought homosexuality was wrong (he was lusting over his own son for Christ’s sake, surely that’d be worse), he just never expected such a host of questions from his son. It was strange.

Maybe Harry was discovering his sexuality.

"Come on, Daddy," Harry said suddenly, pulling away from the glass and taking Louis’ free hand. "Let’s go see the flamingos."


It was late when they were finally ready to go home. Louis had made sure Harry had a good time- they went to see the antelope two more times, saw a host of other animals (Harry practically crawled up Louis’ leg at the sight of a python) and Harry even got to ride a horse. By now, Harry was done with the day but still bounded around as they geared up to leave, retelling all the events of the day to his father.

"Yes, Harry, the cows were great," Louis agreed.

"Yeah, they were all slow Daddy, like 'mooooooooo',” Harry burst out into a fit of laughter.

"Indeed they were. Now come on, bathroom break before we leave." They walked through the emptying zoo until they reached the men’s bathroom. When they entered it was empty, and each of them went into a stall to do their business. Harry went into the handicapped stall, and Louis knew it was because the other ones made him claustrophobic and the toilet was lower to the ground. Louis took care of his bladder and washed his hands. 

"Harry, love," he said into the vacant room. "Are you alright?"

"D-Daddy," Harry whimpered. Louis frowned at the tone in his voice, tossed the paper towel and walked briskly to Harry’s stall. "Daddy, it won’t go away."

"What won’t?" Louis said through the door. "Open the door and let me help you."

A moment later the latch slid open and Harry stood there, his hands covering his crotch. Louis closed and locked the stall door then turned to his son, concerned. “What’s the matter, Harry?”

"It won’t go away," Harry whimpered again. "I thought it was because I needed to pee, but it’s still there." Harry moved his hands and bit his lip. Louis looked down at his son’s crotch and his throat caught. Harry was hard.

His small cock stuck straight out, the tip leaking slowly onto the floor. Harry let go of his lip. “Help me, Daddy. Make it go away.”

Louis’ cock stiffened immediately. This shouldn’t be happening. He was his father for all its worth, he shouldn’t be getting hard like this. But seeing Harry hard and hot made him want so badly to ram his cock inside him.

"I can make it go away, but… are you sure?" Louis kneeled down in front of Harry. Harry closed his eyes and nodded as tears slipped through.

"Please daddy, it’s starting to hurt."

Louis closed his eyes, asked god for forgiveness, then opened them. He reached out a tentative hand and cupped it around Harry’s childish cock, making him gasp. Louis shifted in his position on the floor and took a better hold, taking his hand slowly upward before pulling it back down.

"Oh," Harry mumbled. "Oh, Daddy, oh."

"Is that better?" Louis tightened his grip slightly. "Do you like it?"

"Keep, oh yessss," Harry bunched his hands into his shirt and closed his eyes. "More of that, do that."

Louis prayed that no one came into the bathroom. He began pumping faster, amazed at the small cock weighing his palm down lightly. He wanted so badly to wrap his lips around it..

"Do you mind if I.. I make it feel even better?" Louis asked, hesitant.

"Daddy, please, yes," Harry breathed. 

Louis licked his lips before wrapping them around Harry’s small cock, taking it into his mouth completely before pulling off. Harry moaned and whimpered as Louis sucked him off, his legs shaking beneath him. 

"Daddy, ungh, yes, oh," Harry panted. "Daddy, something’s happening, I feel like I’m going to explode-"

Louis moaned as Harry came, his tongue and senses being beautifully assaulted by the taste of it. He lapped up every last drop before pulling off and wiping his mouth.

"Did you like that, baby?" Louis asked softly. He placed his hand on Harry’s back and rubbed it soothingly.

Harry’s breathing was uneven as he spoke. “Daddy… oh, Daddy.. I liked it, yes, thank you…”

Although Louis was rock hard in his jeans, he stood up and sighed. “Good. Now that you’re all set, we can get home-“

"Daddy, remember what I asked?" Harry looked up at him sheepishly. "About the monkeys? And the two boy monkeys?"

Louis fought agains the pool of arousal in his belly. “What about them?”

Harry looked down at his shoes, his hands fumbling against one another. “Can you and me… do… what they do?”

Oh no, Harry was asking Louis to fuck him. Louis could only imagine Harry’s tight little hole stretched and taking his cock deep. He swallowed. “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea, Harry…”

"Please, Daddy?" Harry looked up at him, and his eyes were so wide and voice so small that Louis had to resist the urge to kiss him. He had a hold over Louis that couldn’t be explained, Louis knew this- so a moment later he nodded.

"Sure, Harry."

He grabbed Harry by the waist lightly and placed him on the floor. Harry winced at the coolness of the tiles underneath his skin but otherwise didn’t move, letting Louis do all the work. Louis leaned in and kissed his neck, peppering soft kisses up until he reached Harry’s tiny little mouth. He kissed him softly but deeply, tasting the boy on his lips and immersing himself in it. Harry mewled into the kiss and kissed back. It was so painfully obvious that Harry had no experience in kissing, and the thought that Louis was the first to kiss him turned him on incredibly.

Reaching in between them, Louis pulled Harry’s pants all the way off and moved his hands up his shirt. He pulled away from the kiss long enough to remove the boys shirt, taking in his undefined body and pink, cold nipples. He wrapped his arms around Harry’s back and bent down to take a nipple into his mouth, suckling gently. “Daddy…” Harry moaned, his head tilted back until his curls were milimeters from the floor. “I like that so much, Daddy.”

"You like it?" Louis said between licks. "You like it when Daddy sucks your nipples?"

"Mmhmm," Harry nodded quicky and bit his lip. "Do the other one."

Louis complied, leaning down and taking the other cold nub into his mouth. Harry gasped quietly and pushed up into the touch, his cock already hard again between them. Louis moaned at the heat it rubbed onto his stomach, then pulled away. 

He removed his own shirt and placed it on the floor behind Harry, lying him down on top of it so he wouldn’t get cold. He then took one of Harry’s small hands and guided it down to his cock that strained against his pants. “Look how hard you make Daddy,” he murmured. “You see how much Daddy wants you?”

"Mmm, yes," Harry shuddered. He gripped Louis’ cock lightly, feeling it throb in his hand. "You’re so big, Daddy. Will you put that inside of me?"

Louis nearly came at the innocent tone that Harry’s voice held. “Yes baby, Daddy’s going to fill you up so full of his cock.” He licked his lips. “But Daddy’s got to prepare you first, okay? I don’t want to hurt you.”

He lay Harry back onto his shirt before slicking up a finger with saliva and moving it to Harry’s hole. Harry gasped at the feeling of Louis’ finger circling him, running a hand over his own small torso. His father was watching him closely, his eyes so lidded he’d think they were closed. The fact that Louis’ eyes were on him turned him on so much. He rutted against the finger at his entrance, silently begging Louis to insert it into him.

Louis took the hint and slid the finger in slowly, carefully, watching as Harry gasped and moaned. “Oh, Daddy.”

Louis palmed at his throbbing erection, itching to push it into Harry’s tight heat. He bit his lip in self control, reminding himself that Harry’s comfort came first. 

Once Harry seemed comfortable he sped up, watching Harry’s face for signs of discomfort. When none were forthcoming and when Harry started to rock back, Louis added a second finger. Harry;s face scrunched up in pain and Louis stilled his movements.

"Are you okay baby?" Louis asked, rubbing Harry’s stomach softly. "Just relax; breathe."

Harry sighed deeply and did as he was told; Louis felt his muscles deconstrict around his digits. “There we go,” Louis said as he moved them again. “Better?”

"Yes," Harry sighed. A moment later he was rocking back with vigor and want, and Louis added a third finger. Harry moaned and took his father’s fingers, loving the way they moved in and out with such care. He loved how warm they were inside him rubbing against his nerves and setting them aflame. He wanted more.

"Daddy, I’m ready," Harry moaned as he fucked down onto Louis’ fingers. Louis moaned low in his throat and pulled his fingers out. They were wet with Harry’s insides and the sight of them glistening made him impossibly harder. 

"Shit, Harry," Louis mumbled as he pulled his pants down to his knees. "You see what you do to Daddy? Do you see how hot and ready Daddy is to take you right now?"

"Ugh, yes," Harry nodded. The sight of Louis’ red angry cock had him so turned on. "Please take me, Daddy. Take me and touch me and come inside me, Daddy."

Louis’ cock twitched as he aligned it with Harry’s small, stretched hole. He leaned down and kissed Harry deeply as he pushed himself inside, making the boy gasp into his mouth and scratch at his arms. “Just relax,” he whispered into Harry’s hair. Harry breathed against Louis’ neck and forced himself to calm down.

"You’re so big, Daddy," Harry muttered. 

"Can I move now?" Louis looked down at him as hic cock throbbed in anticipation, Harry nodded vigorously and Louis sighed, inching his way into Harry’s tight heat until he was fully seated. He gave his son a moment to adjust to the size before pulling out and easing back in. 

Harry moaned brokenly into the air around them as Louis pumped into him. He had never felt anything as good as his Daddy’s cock in his entire life. He was so big and stretched him so wide, filling him up. Harry loved it.

"More, Daddy," he whispered. "Faster, more. You feel so good inside me."

Louis groaned and pumped faster, the friction of Harry’s ass on his cock making him shudder in delight. He fucked down into Harry, watching him as he moaned with every thrust. Harry’s entire upepr body was flushed pink, his lips bitten red as he scrunched his face up in pleasure.

Louis grabbed his pants and balled them up, placing them underneath Harry at the base of his spine, changing the angle. When he pumped into Harry this time, Harry cried out in pleasure as Louis hit the bundle of nerves deep within him. “Daddy, oh, yes, right there!” Harry scrabbled at Louis’ arms, unable to contain himself. It was as if a completely new level of sex was opened up to him. With each thrust stars popped behind his eyes.

Louis was sweating as he fucked Harry harder, heat collecting in his stomach. He was so close to coming; the look on Harry’s face and his little sounds and his tight, hot hole was starting to pile up in an abundance of pleasure.

"Oh- OH! Daddy!" Harry arched off the floor as he came, untouched, all over his chest and Louis’ stomach. He trembled excessively beneath his father, never having experienced something so mindblowing. The sight of his boy, coming everywhere and rolling through his first ever orgasm was enough to make Louis lose control, jerking his hips as he spilled his come deep inside his son. He cried out Harry’s name as his entire body spasmed from the force of the orgasm.

Sperm dripped from Harry’s hole as Louis finally slowed to a stop, as he pulled out and collasped on the floor next to Harry. The frigidness of the tiles sent a shock through Louis’ system, but it was nothing compare to the jolt he recieved when he turned his eyes on Harry. 

Harry’s cheeks were a deep crimson color, his lips raw and eyes closed. His tight curls were matted to his forehead and face and his breathing was rapid but slowing. Louis felt his heart fill up with so much love, seeing Harry spent and pleased from his actions. Insticntively, Louis leaned over and captured Harry’s lips, kissing him slowly, passionately. Harry tightened a hand on Louis shoulder and kissed back with just as much emotion. They pulled away a moment later, sighing contentedly.

"I’ve wanted that for a long time, Daddy," Harry mumbled.

Louis looked over at him. “Really?”

"Yeah." Harry licked his lips. "You were just, always the only one there for me. And I started to love you more than I knew I should. I was always afraid you’d push me away if you found out."

Louis considered his words before sighing. “Yeah, me too. I just.. I thik you’re so beautiful, Harry,” Louis stroked a hand down his son’s cheek. “You’re so beautiful and I couldn’t help but fall in love with you.”

Harry sat up (wincing slightly) and looked at him with bright eyes. “You.. you love me? But only in a father/son way, right?”

Louis shook his head. “No, Harry. I love you in a ‘I want to be with you for the rest of eternity’ kind of way. In a ‘I want to make love to you forever’ kind of way.”

Harry’s eyes lit up at that and he practially threw himself into Louis’ arms. “I wanna be with your forever, too Daddy,” he whispered against the shell of Louis’ ear.

"Good," Louis patted Harry’s back. "Now, let’s get out of here, go home, and start working on our forever. What do you say?"

Harry pulled away, his eyes shining with emotion. “I say that’s a good idea, Daddy. Maybe we can go home and do this all over again.”

Louis smiled and nodded, then helped himself and Harry back into their clothes. They cleaned up their mess and went home, and Louis kept good on his promise- he loved and made love to his son, and made sure to keep it that way, now and forever.


It’s 2 am do you know where your children are #sleeptalking

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