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Game Over 

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Harry loved video games. And one day, after disobeying his dad Louis one too many times, Harry gets taught a lesson.

Harry loved video games. He had video games of all kind- action, horror, fantasy, adventure, puzzle- you name it, Harry’s either owned it or played it before. He’d been into video games since he was a kid, since he watched his dad, Louis, play football games and racing games when he’d come home from work each night. Harry just had a big thing for games.

During the summer, Louis would let him play as long as he’d like. Even if it meant he stayed up until 2 am. Even if it meant he didn’t sleep at all. Louis didn’t mind- it was summer vacation, and if his boy enjoyed video games, then so be it. After all, it wasn’t like he could judge- Harry got it from him.

But it wasn’t summertime now. Harry was in school. He knew this, but he couldn’t stop playing Modern Warfare 3; it was just too suspenseful, he was in the middle of a very important mission and he needed to finish before he could save it. He knew he had an assembly the next day, but that thought paled in comparison. He had kept the volume low so his father couldn’t hear.

Louis, however, knew what his son was up to. He knocked on Harry’s door and opened it. “Haz,” he said sternly, “It’s 10 pm and you have school tomorrow. Bed.”

Harry sighed, knowing not to argue when his father took on that tone. “Fiiine,” he said, saving his spot and turning the system and television off.

He climbed into bed and Louis went to tuck him in. “Harry, this is an important year for you- you’re 13, you need to graduate so you can go to a good high school. No messing around with video games this year.” Louis pressed a kiss to his son’s forehead then bade him goodnight. Closing Harry’s door, he sighed. It was tough raising a kid all on his own, Harry’s mother having abandoned Harry with him as soon as she was released from the hospital where she had his beautiful boy. If there was nothing Louis could thank her for, bringing Harry into the world would be the only exception. He didn’t know where he’d be without his curly-haired angel.


Though Harry knew his dad got mad when he played on Sunday nights, Harry couldn’t help it. This was Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for christ’s sake, one doesn’t just put the controller down and stop playing. It was like asking a fish not to swim. Absurd.

But he was caught yet again as Louis was coming up the stairs, sweaty and tired from his workout in the basement where his equipment was set up. It was late at night, midnight to be exact, and as he walked past his son’s room he could hear him playing yet another game. He sighed- he would stop buying them for him if it didn’t mean he wouldn’t see his boy smile. He cracked open the door.

"Harry," he said just as sternly as last time.

"But Daaaad," Harry whined, turning from the screen. He could see the sweat cling to his dad’s arms and chest. "I’ve just gotten through to the Temple of Time, I have to defeat the boss!!"

"The boss can wait until later," Louis said back. "I’m sure he’s not in a rush to die. Bed. NOW."

"Arrgh," Harry tossed the controller to the side and turned off the system without saving it. He knew he’d regret it later but he was too angry right now to care. "You never let me have any fun, it’s not fair!"

"Harry, all you do is have fun. There’ll be more of that later. You have school tomorrow. Goodnight." And with that, Louis closed the door.

Harry huffed and turned over, willing the anger to dissipate so he could sleep.


The third time, both Harry and Louis knew it was coming. A few days prior, Louis had bought his son Assassin’s Creed 3 and it was a million times better than any Creed game he’d ever gotten (and he had all of them, on every system). And yeah, it was a school night, yeah, he had state tests to take in the morning, but Assassin’s Creed 3. He just couldn’t not play it.

Louis came into the room once more. “Harry. Edward. Tomlinson.”

"But Dad," Harry tried. Louis cut him off.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"I just wanted to play a little longer!" Harry paused it and turned to face his father, a pout on his face. "Please?"

Louis sighed. He hated that Harry had such a thing for video games. He knew the boy needed to learn a lesson. “You don’t seem to understand, Harry,” Louis began and he shifted his weight. “When I tell you to do something, you do it. No questions, no buts.” He stared at Harry sternly. Harry, at least, had the right to look ashamed. 

"Sorry, Dad."

"No, I don’t think you are," Louis responded, irritation laced in his tone. "You need to learn when to listen to me, Harry. You need to learn that you do not call the shots here, I do.”

There was a pause, then: “Harry, come with me.” Louis stepped out of the doorway and motioned for his son to follow him. Harry stood up, his head bowed, and followed his dad to his room. The only time he’d ever been in his dad’s room was when they watched movies together. It wasn’t overly familiar to him, but he didn’t feel awkward in here or anything. It wasn’t like his dad ever had anyone over. It was always just them.

He sat down on Louis’ bed as Louis snapped the door shut behind them. “You’ve been bad, Harry- time to learn a lesson.” He walked over to where his son was sitting and stood over him, lifting the boy’s face so they could see each other. He caressed Harry’s cheek tenderly.

Harry’s stomach swooped- no one had ever been this soft with him before. He sighed into the touch, instinctively turning his head to press his face into it. “Daddy.”

"I don’t like it when you disobey me," Louis said, pulling his hand away. "I don’t like it one bit. Yet and still, you constantly do it." He placed his hands on Harry’s shoudlers and pushed him back onto the bed. 

"I’m sorry, Daddy," Harry said, suddenly breathless. He didn’t know what his dad had planned, but having his hands press him into the matress made his cock twitch, half hard for reasons unknown to him. He wondered if Louis would do it again, would control him again. He wanted him to. "I promise I’ll be a good boy from now on."

"Lies," Louis muttered between gritted teeth. He ran his hands along Harry’s arms then down his torso, feeling the young boy flinch under his touch. "Stop lying Harry. You and I both know that you’re always going to be bad. You and I both know that I’m always going to have to punish you."

Louis’s hands reached the bottom of Harry’s pajama sweater and he fidgeted with the seam before going under and placing his fingertips directly on Harry’s warm stomach. Harry let out a sharp gasp- his father’s fingers were cold and blunt. His hands made their way up slowly, taking the shirt with them. Harry could hear his heart beat in his ears as Louis’ hands ghosted over his nipples, barely touching them but causing them to harden nonetheless. He bit his lip tightly. Louis brought the shirt up and pulled it over his son’s head, looking at his naked boyish chest.

"You’re right, Daddy," Harry said after a moment. "I’m always going to be disobedient. And you’re always going to have to punish me. But I like it when you punish me."

"Harry," Louis groaned. He sat on the bed next to him and leaned in, their faces centimeters from each other. They looked each other in the eye for a moment, then Louis leaned in and kissed him. Their lips scorched together hotly, their warm breath mixing in between them. Harry arched off the mattress and opened his mouth in a silent gasp. Louis took it as an invitation and slinked his tongue into Harry’s mouth, the silkiness making his heart stutter. "Why are you so bad, Harry."

"I’m only bad for you," Harry replied, breathless. "Please punish me, Daddy. I deserve it."

Louis groaned low in his throat, then removed his shirt. He climbed over his son and looked down at him, at his flushed cheeks and blown-out eyes, and he knew he probably didn’t look much different. “You deserve it, Harry?” Louis asked huskily. Leaning on one elbow, he reached his hand up and tweaked one of Harry’s nipples between his fingers. Harry gasped and arched off the bed again at the coldness of his dad’s fingers, the press of them borderline painful. “You deserve to be punished for your disobedience?”

"Oh, yes, Daddy," Harry replied. "I deserve it so much. I deserve to be spanked. Spank me, Daddy." He arched again as Louis tweaked his other nipple. His skin was tingly at the heat that radiated from Louis’ body over him. 

"Fuck," Louis moaned. "You’re such a slut, Harry." He sat up and grabbed the hem of Harry’s pajama bottoms. "Such a hot little slut for Daddy, aren’t you?"

"Yes," Harry said, his cock straining against the fabric of his underwear. He could feel Louis’ cock on his shin bone, just as hard as he was, if not more so. It was turning him on fast.

Louis moaned and bit his lip, pulling Harry’s pants and boxers down to his knees. Harry’s cock sprang up, the air from the room hitting it and causing it to twitch. “You are so fucking hot, Harry.” He pulled Harry’s pants all the way off and tossed them to the floor. “Get up by the pillows,” he commanded.

Harry hastened to do as he was told. Once his head was against the headboard, Louis parted his legs and kiss-licked his way from ankle to inner thigh. Harry mewled and shut his eyes, his whole body quivering from Louis’ mouth. “D-daddy, I…”

He cried out as he recieved a sharp slap to his inner thigh. “Shut up,” Louis said none-too-kindly between licks. “This is your punishment for being bad. Shut up and take it.”

Harry sighed and bit his lip, scrunching his face as Louis nipped at the skin on his inner thigh. He was so close to his cock, if he just leaned a little to the left…

But Louis seemed to know what his son wanted and kept his mouth and hands far away from his cock. It twitched with need, casuing Harry to whimper, but Louis ignored it all. He went from his left leg to his right, kissing, biting, then licking his way back down agonizingly slow. Every now and again he’d give the opposite leg a hard slap, reddening the skin, and causing his son to cry out in pleasure and pain. Harry bucked into the sensation, his cock hard and leaking against his stomach, his hands gripping the sheets tightly. Just the thought that this was his dad, the man who raised him, touching him and licking him made him come hotly all over himself, yelling out in pleasure and shock, coming so hard that some ended up in his hair.

Louis stopped immediately and looked up, watching his boy’s face as he came with a shudder. Harry’s cheeks were flushed and red, his eyes were screwed shut and his mouth was open in a silent pant. He looked edible. Louis’ own cock strained agains his jeans. Though he longed to reach a hand in a rub, he restrained himself. This was about teaching Harry a lesson, and it wouldn’t work if Louis came so early on like his boy did.

Instead of jerking off to the sight before him, Louis raised an eyebrow. “Who told you to come, Harry? And without me laying a finger on your cock. What a slut you are.” He shook his head and Harry watched him from hooded eyes, his breathing returning to something akin to normal.

"I’m so sorry, Daddy…I just couldn’t hold off any longer." Harry sighed. "Your mouth just feels so good…"

"You’re being bad again, Harry," Louis muttered. He reached up and took Harry’s sensitive cock in his large hand, causing Harry to cry out in pain. "This isn’t looking to good for you." He stroked Harry’s cock slowly, causing the 13 year old to squirm and writhe from overstimulation. Soon, though, pleasure started to replace the pain and he was bucking and panting and moaning hotly. 

Louis leaned over him, his mouth next to his son’s ear. “Tell me what you want.”

"Ugh, I…Daddy…" Harry couldn’t form words. He bucked into Louis’ slow moving hand, willing him to move faster. "I want you to make me come. I want to come all over my chest from your hands, Daddy. Please."

As soon as the words were out ot his mouth, Louis removed his hand from Harry’s cock. Harry whined in his throat and frowned up at his father. Louis simply smiled. 

Then Louis was up on his knees, eyes on his son. He stood up and undid his own pants, letting them drop to the floor, his cock bouncing out. “C’mere.”

Harry scuttled down to the other end of the bed, his breath hitching at the sight before him. He’d thought about what his dad’s cock looked like before, if it was anything like his own. It was nothing like his. It was longer, thicker, redder. The tip leaked slowly onto the bedspread, precome building and dropping hotly on Harry’s hand.

"You ever tasted cock before?" Louis growled. Harry shook his head. "You wanna taste Daddy’s cock in your mouth?"

"So much, Daddy," Harry practically begged. "Please, let me, please."

Louis nearly came at the sight of Harry kneeling before him, begging to suck him off. “Ugh, fuck.” He breathed deep. “T-touch it.”

Harry reached out a shaky hand and wrapped it as far around the base of Louis’ cock as he could. It took Louis all of his inner strength to not fuck into his son’s hand. He looked down at him, at his hand that didn’t quite cover the entire shaft, at his wide eyes as he waited for instruction like a good boy.

"You’ve ever played with your cock, Harry?"


"How do you play with it? Show me."

Harry breathed deeply and moved his hand, up and down, slowly and carefully. He didn’t know if his dad would like it, but he wanted him to. Louis moaned and threw his head back as Harry sped up. Louis bucked shallowly a few times then breathed out a raspy, “S-suck it. Suck Daddy’s cock, Harry.”

Harry’s breath caught in his throat. He’d wondered what sucking cock was like; kids at school talked about it, the kids he live-played Metal Gear Solid with talked about it. Now he would do it. He leaned in and stretched his mouth as wide as he could, slipping Louis’ throbbing cock inside his mouth.

"Eh-AH!" Louis cried out, closing his eyes tight. Harry’s mouth was as hot and wet as he knew it would be. "C-careful, no teeth," he instructed, running his hands through his boy’s curls and keeping it there.

Harry tried to do what his father told him to, stretching his mouth to its tearing point, but his mouth wouldn’t comply. “I can’t- Daddy, you’re too big, you won’t fit-“

Something about the fact that he was too big, the smallness of Harry’s voice, had Louis nearly coming into his tiny mouth. He bucked twice, willing himself not to come as hard as he wanted to. He wanted this to last.

"Fuck," he said, opening his eyes. With the hand that was still in Harry’s hair, he grabbed his curls and yanked his head back, until his neck was exposed. He took his cock in his other hand and slapped it hard against the boy’s face, the slapping sounds reverbrating throughout the room. Harry moaned and stuck his tongue out to try and taste it, following it with his mouth. Louis came then, seeing Harry so desparate catch his cock. Come spilled out of him and onto Harry, in his mouth, in his eyes, all over his face. Harry moaned filthily and lapped it all up, using his finger to catch what his tongue couldn’t. 

"Fuck, you look so hot swallowing my come, baby," Louis spoke shakily. He could barely utter a sound.

Harry sucked the last of the come off his fingers, head still held back by Louis’ hand. “Anything for you, Daddy. I love the taste of your come on my tongue, it’s such a treat.”

Louis had to take a moment to breathe, to remember where he was and what this was all about. “You’re being punished, remember? Not rewarded. Legs up.” He pushed Harry back down into the mattress and placed himself between Harry’s legs. He placed a few kisses along his thighs once more then moved lower.

Harry moaned in anticipation, longing to feel his daddy’s mouth on his cock. Instead, Louis’ head moved lower, and Hary felt his hot tongue on his virginal hole. “Oh, Daddy- OH!”

Louis flicked his tongue out, barely touching the entrance, but each almost-lick had Harry squirming once more. His cock was harder than it had been before, if that was possible, at the wetness of his father’s tongue against his ass, nosing his tight balls. Without preamble, Louis began lapping at the hole, circling his tongue, slurping it as if it were the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted. Harry grabbed at the sheets, pillows, anything he could get his hands on, overwhelmed by the sensation. Louis moaned against his ass, holding Harry’s bucking hips in place. 

"No moving," he ordered. "Or we’ll stop right now."

"N-no!" Harry yelled. "No, Daddy please, don’t stop, I’ll be still, I promise, just please…"

Louis smiled against his son’s entrance and stuck his tongue inside of him, the ringlets of muscles tightening immediately. He lapped at the tangy taste of Harry’s hole, sucked it all into his mouth as the boy quivered underneath him.

"Daddydaddydaddydaddy," Harry breathed. "Don’t stop, please, oh."

"I love the way you taste," Louis said lowly. "You taste so goddamned good, Harry. I could eat you out forever, my baby boy." He tongue-fucked Harry’s hole a few more times before slicking up his finger with spit and sliding it in to replace his tongue.

Harry cried out then, head back, unable to hold it in. He felt Louis stick it in until he was knuckle-deep, until Harry was bucking back and willing him to move. Louis did then, sliding it out nearly all the way before sliding it back in. Harry never felt anything like it before, and it felt good. He never wanted it to end.

"Who’s a little slut for Daddy?" Louis asked as he fucked Harry’s hole.

"M-me," Harry whined, grinding into Louis’ finger. He gasped out again as he felt his dad add a second digit, pumping it along with the first. He’d never felt more indtruded upon, more controlled by Louis, and he loved it. 

"Who’s gonna fuck Daddy’s fingers nice and good?"

"I-I am-m-m…" Harry’s voice trailed off as he fisted the pillows next to him, bucking back onto Louis, moaning like the slut he was. "Oh, Daddy, I’m gonna fuck your fingers so good…"

Louis watched his son fuck his hand, watched as his fingers disappeared into Harry and reappeared. Reaching up, he took Harry’s leaking cock in his hand and pumped in time with his thrusts, Harry unraveling right before his eyes. His nipples were dark pink and hard, his mouth was red and swollen from constant biting, his face was flushed to the core and his eyes were half open. He wanted to see Harry come, just like this.

"Harry," Louis breathed. He leaned down until he was level with Harry’s ear again, until he could hear Harry’s moans and whimpers loud in his own. "Come for Daddy. Show Daddy your come face."

As if he’d been waiting for the cue, Harry did just that, spilling his load all onto Louis’ hand and his chest and the blankets. Louis curled his fingers upward as he thrusted and it made Harry come even harder, having that special spot tapped. He couldn’t see straight, couldn’t see anything at all besides tiny stars. Louis watched his son unravel, watched him arch off the bed and neary bend backwards from the force of the orgasm that ripped through him. His name was on Harry’s lips as he crashed through the high then came down, wincing as Louis removed his fingers from Harry’s youthful hole.

Harry swallowed dryly, trying to form words. It was hard when all he could think of was Louis fingers in his ass. “Daddy…”

"I think," Louis said, wiping his fingers on the bedspread, "you learned your lesson?"

It took Harry a moment to come to his senses, to realize his dad was speaking. “Wha- oh, yes. I have learned, Daddy. I’ve learned it so much.”

Louis smiled. It warmed Harry’s heart. “Good. Because the next time you disobey me, I’ll be fucking you into the mattress for real.”

Harry’s breath hitched as he imagined it, then he smiled. Oh, he couldn’t wait for next time. 


Always a joy to write smut. Even at 1:45 in the morning.

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